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Piano Tunings - Priced by Zip!

The price for a piano tuning service call is based on where you are located* (how far I need to travel).  You can calculate your fee by entering your zip in the price calculator (on this page) and pressing the button.  


*Why base fee on zip?  Well, I live in 87123.  The base price here is $69, and that's the price for much of Albuquerque.  If your Post Office is more than 5 miles from mine, the fee increases by $10, and additional $10 increments for every 5 miles beyond that; this merely covers the additional time and gas to get to you.  If you have more than one piano at the same location, additional tunings are $69 each.  Fee already includes NM Gross Receipts Tax.  So---put your zip into the calculator and press "calculate"!


Other Services

Most repair work estimates requires personal inspection, but sometimes I can give you an idea over the phone.  Estimates for repairs, regulating, voicing, etc., are primarily based on average time required and cost of parts.  If there is a window of "down time" involved in any repair work, I estimate that at the same time.


Organizational Bids

It is always my honor and pleasure to submit written estimates to schools, churches and organizations for quantities of instrument servicing at bulk rates.


Rush charges

Customers requiring immediate "rush" service may incur an additional charge.  This charge will always be stipulated (and agreed to) prior to my accepting the job.


Methods of Payment

I am happy to accept:


• cash

• personal check

• paypal (to

• venmo (to James-Ahrend /


Sorry I do not accept credit/debit cards at this time.


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