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Covid-19 Pandemic Policy


Feb. 11, 2021

Yesterday, Bernalillo county went "yellow".  This is a good thing!  As long as we don't blow it!


Basically, all precautions I've had up to now are still in place.  I will be using mask-wearing, social distancing, and regular hand-sanitizing as measures for the safety of us both.  When entering your home to tune your instrument, I would request that we both be masked, and that if possible, we spend the majority of our time in separate rooms while I'm tuning your piano.  After I finish tuning, I will wipe down your piano keys (and anything else I may have touched while in your home) with clorox wipes.  


Thanks for continuing these safe practices!



Nov 21, 2020 UPDATE

Now that we are almost a week into the 2-week shelter-in-place "reset" order of Nov. 16, here are my thoughts.  I'm certainly hoping the strict restrictions are lifted on Nov. 30.  I am booking into the week of Dec. 1 and beyond.  I hope to be able to return to piano tunings, following my now-normal routine which includes being masked 100% of the time and having hand sanitizer and clorox wipes as part of my regular gear.


This time, when I return to tuning, I would like to try "contact-less" tuning as much as possible.  This is entirely possible with everyone's cooperation.  First of all, most of you have been greeting me at the door with a mask on.  While this has been appreciated in the past, I would now request it.  Second, many of you have observed distancing and have left the room while I was tuning, which I appreciate.  I now request that everyone observe this.  In this way, we can achieve as close to a contact-less experience as possible.  This protects you and me both.


So to recap simply, I'm requesting all tuning customers comply with masks and distancing for the hour or so I'm in their home---for the safety of both of us.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!  I look forward to returning to tuning shortly, and with your cooperation we can both be part of the solution and not the problem.



Nov 13, 2020

Starting Monday 11/16, there is a new public health order in the state of New Mexico, essentially locking down the state for all but essential businesses.  So for the next 2 weeks (at least), I will not be booking any piano tunings.  I will post here when I am able to resume tuning.  If you want to book a tentative date for sometime after Dec. 1 (projected easing of restrictions), go ahead and contact me using the contact form.  Hang in there New Mexico, we'll get through this.



May 1, 2020

Governor Grisham as officially started the process of loosening up some of the restrictions. I'm taking that as my cue to start tuning again.  So, if you were putting it off, throw me a contact form and let's get you in the book!  My plan for the forseeable future is to wear a face mask when coming to homes, and to use clorox wipes on keys before and after tuning.  I think we can do this safely!  Let's get you tuned up.  Also, I'll be calling folks who had contacted me for a tuning and were "on hold." 


Thank you all for your patience!  Let's hope we stay safe, healthy, and that soon we are all making music with/for one another again!



April 24, 2020


It appears that things might start to open up here in New Mexico mid-May.  With that in mind, I am compiling a list of email-backs (or call-backs) for when this happens (May 15 is my best guess).  If you'd like to have me get back to you on 5/15 to schedule a tuning, please send me an email using the contact form or by emailing me at I look forward to getting back to again helping pianos sing sweetly!  I hope this finds all of you well and healthy.



March 31, 2020


Due to recent events in my own circle of famiy and acquaintances, I've decided to take a hiatus from tuning until we are on the other side of the virus threat.  I am committed to being part of the solution, not part of the problem, and taking a break from tuning is the only way I can guarantee that this is the case.


I apologize for not being able to service your piano for the next few weeks.  I will post an update when this changes.  If you can wait, wait.  If you do persue finding a tuner who is willing to come despite the current pandemic, please consider carefully who is coming and going in your home.


Thank you all for your understanding.  Let's all stay healthy and get on the other side of this thing!


Jim Ahrend


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