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Covid-19 Pandemic Policy


May 1, 2020

Governor Grisham as officially started the process of loosening up some of the restrictions. I'm taking that as my cue to start tuning again.  So, if you were putting it off, throw me a contact form and let's get you in the book!  My plan for the forseeable future is to wear a face mask when coming to homes, and to use clorox wipes on keys before and after tuning.  I think we can do this safely!  Let's get you tuned up.  Also, I'll be calling folks who had contacted me for a tuning and were "on hold." 


Thank you all for your patience!  Let's hope we stay safe, healthy, and that soon we are all making music with/for one another again!



April 24, 2020


It appears that things might start to open up here in New Mexico mid-May.  With that in mind, I am compiling a list of email-backs (or call-backs) for when this happens (May 15 is my best guess).  If you'd like to have me get back to you on 5/15 to schedule a tuning, please send me an email using the contact form or by emailing me at I look forward to getting back to again helping pianos sing sweetly!  I hope this finds all of you well and healthy.



March 31, 2020


Due to recent events in my own circle of famiy and acquaintances, I've decided to take a hiatus from tuning until we are on the other side of the virus threat.  I am committed to being part of the solution, not part of the problem, and taking a break from tuning is the only way I can guarantee that this is the case.


I apologize for not being able to service your piano for the next few weeks.  I will post an update when this changes.  If you can wait, wait.  If you do persue finding a tuner who is willing to come despite the current pandemic, please consider carefully who is coming and going in your home.


Thank you all for your understanding.  Let's all stay healthy and get on the other side of this thing!


Jim Ahrend


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