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Jim's original "10 best reasons to call me for a piano tuning"

Disclosure: I moved to New Mexico from New York in 2008, and these "top ten" gave many folks a chuckle.  So rather than discard them forever, they appear here for your entertainment!  Enjoy!



1. You want your piano tuned by someone who has been doing it for over 30 years.

2. You want your piano tuned by someone who has been playing piano professsionally for his whole life.

3. You have never had your piano tuned by someone who adjusts the price according to your zip code. (really?)

4. You are absolutely in love with your piano and want your piano tuned by someone with that same deep affection. (I do, I do!)

5. Your piano has been too long ignored and you are too embarrassed to call your last tuner for fear of chastisement and ridicule. (Yikes!)

6. Your piano just doesn't sound right since you cranked up the old swamp-cooler. (Being from New York I just recently found out what a swamp-cooler is...)

7. OK, you don't have a piano, but you just want to hear my New York accent. (what's a "New York" accent?)

8. You'd like Jim to come by and entertain while you enjoy a ranchero-burger. (red or green?)

9. You want to show me more of that southwest Albuquerque hospitality. Maybe a biscochito. (I LOVE my new home town!)

10. You want your piano to sound & play its very best!   (Should be #1!) 

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