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Cancellation Policy


I hate to have to actually post my cancellation policy here, and get all serious and stuff.  But, there seem to be more and more people out there who don't know how this all works.  When you book an appointment with me, I set aside a block of time to work for you.  If you cancel last minute, there is really nothing else I can do with that block of time, so it is wasted.  If enough people do that in a week, there would be no way I could stay in business.  There have been weeks lately where up to 4-5 people have done that to me.


So all I ask is a little forethought on your part.  If you need to cancel up to 24 hours prior, that is no problem at all.  I can often do something else with that block of time.  But if you are cancelling within 24 hours, I reserve the right to charge you my minimum service fee of $25 in order to reschedule.  Obviously I will make exceptions for illness or family emergencies.  My intention is not to collect cancellation fees.  It is merely to ask that you keep in mind how I make a living and respect my time the same way I do yours. 


Conversely, if I cancel on you last minute, or do not show up for some reason, you are entitled to that same fee as a discount on your tuning.  I will be happy to take $25 off your next tuning fee.  Good for the goose...well you know.  Fair enough?


Sure, sounds good Jim!

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